Elwa stands for Electric Water-heating, and Elwa International in the Netherlands was founded early 1990. Our water heaters for industrial, commercial, and domestic use have been produced since 1988, and sold in many countries around the world.
Since April 2007, we are based in Adelaide to supply all Australian customers and to support distributors in Asia and Indonesia.
Hotrun Water Heaters have a number of great features, such as:
-Small size, easy to install with supplied kit of flexible hoses in every location in any position
-Lowest water use possible, installation close to point of use makes it energy efficient
-Basic construction without thermostats that can fail, operated by a pressure differential switch
-No maintenance costs at all, copper alloy coil of fast responding elements and water pipe baked together, so no submerged elements that can be attacked by bad water quality and fail
-Fully approved around the world products to both international electrical and water standards
-Temperature limited by specific flow restrictors, to keep temperatures under 50°C (save)
-No energy losses when not in use, but always stand-by. No flue, no pilot flame
-Flow is equivalent to kW rating, and kept limited within Wells standards,
-Hot water can be used as long as you want, you will never run out of hot water
-Hotruns work under normal mains pressure, and can be used in multipoint installations
Please download our brochure and manual, and ask for our support to choose the right Hotrun you can find more information about the specific installation under ‘Models’

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